a minute´s sound
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by Peter Uhr

( The Songs of Apollon )

a minute´s sound: 60 seconds of cosmic sound from the surroundings of Milky Way´s black hole. The radio source Sagittarius A* is transmitted by satelite telescope Odin (in collaboration with SSC, Swedish Space Center)

a minute´s sound, remix: (dance remix with cello)

bowl: A piece performed with a wooden ball rotating in a bowl casted from grand piano strings. An instrument to match a string player and string theories

divine boogie: Sampled church bells from the medevial churches in the parish of Rogslösa. A piece with the performer in a divine role

( The Songs of Pan )

chirps: Bird sounds from Omberg at spring is mixed with chirps created by the saxophone

blows: Blowing sounds created to match the concrete blowings from summer wind in a fishing-net

taps: Taps created by the saxophone´s keys matches sonically related sounds from Swedish fall, like taps from apples falling to the ground and the sound from jackdaws. The boundaries of the instrument is pushed in the Songs of Pan to explore new soundscapes

howls: The sound from a man walking in snow. A wind instrument howls in the background

The previous concept album FIRE SYMPHONY from 1999 was a sonic hour glass. This 10 minute album focuses on the faster and slower cycles of earth and cosmos – the minute and the year. The latter represented by the four seasons. As a whole the album might be considered as a divine and classic combat between the string player Apollon and the wind instrument player Pan. Who wins the duel this time is no obvious matter. Your vote will count – just scream it loud outdoors each time it´s full moon.

SSC (Swedish Space Center, Aage Sandqvist, Stefan Lundin), Jan Uhr, Ursula Uhr, Onsala Space Center (Roy Booth, Magne Hagström), Andreas Peters, Mikael Bohman (research engineer), Mia Lind (Östsam), Johan Andrén, Torbjörn Ahlund (Rogslösa pastorat)


FER1053 (p)&(c) Peter Uhr, Stockholm, Berlin 2005. All rights reserved. BIEM/N©B