Berlin Loops

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site specific sound,video and text installations
& consert
gallery -able, Berlin

Göteborgs Filmfestival 2010
Borås Konstmuseum 2010
Götaplatsen, Kulturkalaset Göteborg


BERLIN LOOPS consists of film sequences gathered over some decades in Berlin. The titles are painted with brown coal ash collected at Weichselstrasse back in the days of the cold war. The material was returned to the same Kiez after more than 20 years as titles on the wall, A pound of raw ash was put in a glass jar as well, named: RYBAKOWSKI´S ASH.

WANNSEE CLEANING WOMAN is a short looped sequence of a woman cleaning the entrance at the Wannsee Conference Villa. It´s of course a metaphor for the eternal german clean-up after the nazi-regime years. The loop matches the metal shields with engraved names of the Holocaust victims on the pavement outside the gallery and elsewhere in Berlin.

HELMHOLTZ CYCLE is filmed very randomly as well cycling one cycle round Helmholtzplatz a November aftrnoon. It´s a roadmovie and an environment friendly one. Helmholtz was by the way a german physisist who investigated audio which of course fits the project´s audible theme. In the piece YOULOOP the visitors spontaneous vocal contributions is looped interfering with he ongoing soundtrack based on organ piano and field recordings from nature. A way to create a relaxing atmosphere and in some way a tribute to the pristine rainforests which the fossil brown coal consists of as you know.

BERLIN DANCERS is a way to pimp the gallery´s bar area.It is portraits of three dancers performing minimal acts/moves. It´s a roadmovie as well since one background is filmed from a train passing the outskirts of Babelsberg with the nocturnal lights passing behind the black haired dancer combing her hair. (not visble on photo though) The road movie is as you know the origin of western litterature from Homer days and and on, so tradition and classical structures is the foundationI wwork with. The red haired, the blond and the dark haired ladies form a reference to Edvard Munchs famous painting ”the dance of life” and enhances the gallery´s dance art ambitions.

The sound and videobased installation BERLIN LOOPS is a poetic and dreamy urban portrait of Berlin with a site-specific, contextual, interactive twist linked to diffrent historic references pushing the boundaries of each genre and the contemporary art scene.

Variations of the project has been displayed at (Berlin) NKprojekt (, Berlin.Gothenburg International Film Festival ( Kalvfestivalen (International venue for new music development, The sounding part is on CD released on Firework Edition Records, (

Concerts and preformances and danceperformances were performed as well during the various venues, screenings and exhibitions in collaboration with dancers and musiscians 4 pictures from the -able concert. Collaboration with dancer/musiscian Anna Asplind.

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